Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to make Binoculars with Toilet paper tubes

Today we made binoculars. Here are the things you'll need. Fun paper, paper cutter, double sided tape, two toilet paper tubes, Crop a dile*, two eyelets*, Scissors and ribion. * if you don't have these things you don't HAVE to have them, just skip that part.
Measure the tubes and cut to the length of the tubes. I used a 12x12 paper. Then with the double sided tape you'll put it on all edged and then in the middle.. if you look closely you can see how I've done it below. Take tubes and line up with paper, place down and roll evenly, once you get so that they are fairly close together you'll want to take some more tape and place between them to keep the tubes close to one another.Then you will take the crop a dile and putting a hole on each side of the Binoculars and then putting the eyelets in place. This will help the ribbon from ripping the tubes and from coming apart. Next cut ribbon to size, put through eyelet and tie a knot... You now have your own Binoculars!!! When dealing with smaller children you MUST keep an eye as the ribbon and eyelets could be a choking hazards. With old kids they can help make them! Have fun! Would love to know if you try it out!