Thursday, April 16, 2009

Daisy Chain

Today we went to the park and decided to sit down in the grass to admire what a wonderful day it was. As most people do we started pulling blades of grass until I noticed a big patch of daisies. I remembered back in the day when I used to make daisy chains. I challenged my memory to see if I could still make one. What do ya know I still can! Something fun to do while taking a relaxing break and a neat little souvenir of the adventure at the park. I found this neat little demo on how to make them. Enjoy!


  1. aawwe i never did these as a kid! well its never too late to start! how pretty.

  2. oh yeah it was nice to get your comment! lol made me laugh. I kno what you mean its hard to meet good people. It would be fun to have a buddy to try stuff out with or a group. maybe we would acctually accomplish something!!! lol.