Monday, May 4, 2009


My laptop broke in half and I lost EVERYTHING...... all pictures... all documents... all videos... I am sooo sad!!!

REMEMBER TO BACK UP what you have!!!!! Laptops are great to be able to carry with you on the go.. but like my favorite movie Duplex with Ben Stiller they can easily be "trashed".

Back to blogging soon, once I get used to this new laptop.


  1. So SORRY Tina, I have that happen to other friends also, but I need the reminder to continue to back up, cuz I always forget especially with all the new pictures I download so often!

  2. Unless your hard rive was damaged, someone may still be able to get your files back for you...hope you didn't throw it away already!

  3. Ok a little weird. First off what did you do to your laptop wow... and second did you ever watch that movie with me??? because 1 it's an obscure movie, meaning not many people know about it or like it or have even heard about it and 2 it's been my favorite movie for a very long time, hence the weirdness of your post.