Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nick The Spider....

About a month ago I noticed a spider of great size in the corner of my dinning room. Being super wacky about spiders I thought, if he moves, he's a goner. The spider stayed put, and became a fixture of the dinning room. Catching the bugs that fly in from outside, he was a keeper. One morning at breakfast we as a family voted to name our spider. Blake was the first with a name and NICK it was!
This morning Nick was gone. We were sad. Later this evening I found Nick. He had found a new spot by the front door. I was happy to share with the family once I had found him. I sure hope Nick doesn't invite any of his friends in, I don't think I can handle any other spiders!

I am hoping Nick will stick around long enough to have Blake write a story about him. I think it would be a great Summer project. I will update you on her story in a few weeks.


  1. Those "daddy long legs" are the only keepers because of what they do! But in the south, most spiders must be killed immediately before the kill you! ;)

  2. Nick is a Nickette and she just layed a thousand eggs in your house. Mwahahahah!