Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On a Toddler Walk

Today we went on a walk. Oh boy what a walk! So many many things we don't see when we grow up! I like to let him lead the way. I also like to stop and look at things when he does. Everything from hiding behind a mail box, looking at his shadow, a crack in the sidewalk, a Dr. Seuss looking plant, a hole in a fence and a crank on a trailer, so many things I wouldn't ever take the time to look at if it weren't for him. When we go on walks we are normally gone for about an hour and half, But I know at about 45min we should head close to home or I'll have a long walk with a monkey (so to speak) on my back. This is another fun thing to do at various ages, as they change so does the things they look at. Try the walk and let me know what your kiddo brings to your attention!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love your ideas. Keep it up, even I a non-mommy love reading your ideas. The ideas will stick in the back of my head for when I do have kids of my own.