Thursday, February 26, 2009


Kids tend to copy what you do, and what a great thing, when it's a good thing your doing. We where sitting down to have a small meal of our favorite pot sticker and I handed out chop sticks. I didn't think to give it to my son until he did the point and grunt. I handed him his own pair and he did a great job of poking the pot sticker with the chop sticks. You could see his mind working, he tried using both in one hand and then gave up and used one in each hand. I will be sure to have a pair for him when we sit down to our next chopstick meal. Watch out silliness can occur!


  1. lol "point and grunt"
    Thank God for sign language!! ;)

  2. Wonderful idea. Nice for kids to have a "new" experience instead of boring old forks! :) Love the pic,

  3. my god
    i think i ate that yesterday!
    the first picute above!
    in korea, we call that 'mandu' haha

    how adorable<3