Thursday, February 5, 2009

PAINT, what a horribly great mess!!!

"The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting." - Vincent Van Gogh
Today I was at the wonderful target and found a pack of 10 finger paints for less then five bucks! Finger paint and a almost 2 year old, you can imagine the mess in your head! However as a painter my self I couldn't resist. I took our kitchen table away from the wall, covered it with brown wrapping paper I got from the dollar store and places him up on it. As an artist I put the colors on a paper plate, I suppose thinking he would just use one color at a time. I was wrong, he mushed them all together and man what a mess, BUT WHAT FUN!!! He got a kick out of mushing the paint in his hands and mixing the colors. When he was done with that he decided it would be fun to see what it would look like on his tummy. After the mess was created I stuck him in the bath and like magic it all was gone before he was even done playing. It was a very easy clean up and we will be doing this a lot more!

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  1. That shot of Gabes hand is priceless! Looks like it should be submitted to an art site, if you ask me. ;) xoxo